Haunted House by English Budgies

Pulsing with a symphonic electronic muse, Haunted House has a mysterious synth progression that feels painful as well as a bit haunting. Vocally, I love the words and the poetic style of Joe Vickrey, he has a way of sharing his thoughts and pouring them out, similar to Jeremy Enigk of Sunny Day Real Estate. English Budgies are a duo made up of Jen and Joe Vickrey, they have a wonderfully complete way of combining genre, punk, electronic, and rock. This ability to jump around has given them an incredible opportunity to reach a multitude of listers and share their passion and poignant lyrics.

Sadly, This song is about a close family death that felt rather haunting and describes the emotional struggle that accompanied the experience. I love the style, the almost trance-like pulse of the synth, and the melancholic rolling in the vocal. Well done.

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