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Hear Me by Alex Michael

The song was written walking home after an evening out with close friends. The line, ‘Some things remind me of love’ came to me and built the narrative of the record. It slowly morphed into a track about codependence and the fragility that lives alongside the joy friends, family, and romantic relationships bring us throughout life. ‘I’m in love and I can’t fall out’ ties the entire story up, highlighting the fear of growing apart from those you care about and enjoy spending time with.

With Michael’s soft and appealing vocal performance, Another Love expresses a vulnerability that explores the quest for fulfilment, whether through personal relationships, work or other means. The song’s burning question ‘why’d you need another love?’ is asked at a time of momentary loneliness for the artist (or listener), laying bare the jealousy in a loved one seeking gratification elsewhere.

Michael says of the release: Another Love is written about an aching distance between the things we love to do and the people we love to be with. At its core, the record is about a human display of hedonistic behaviour, in which we continuously pursue new pleasures and experiences endlessly hoping to find fulfilment”.”.

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