Hear Me Out by Golda May

Golda May makes sunshine… yep, pretty sure every note that cascades through her lips are a gift. Her music is seriously beautiful. Her words are a creation, not always legible, or factual words, more of the word that wanted to be spoken by the emotion in her melody. It’s a beautiful experience listening to Golda, there is a transcendent quality to the cinematic production. Eclectic, interesting, and atmospheric electronics pair with Golda’s whimsical vocal. It’s truly a beautiful match.

I was actually thinking that there are some eerie similarities with Sigur Ros or the whimsical sound of Bjork. This L.A. based songwriter was born of Russian speaking Ukrainian parents; growing up, Golda discovered her love of music singing opera at the age of 5.

“Sometimes you want to be heard and understood but you don’t have the words yet to communicate your thoughts properly, so you’re speaking in a kind of jumbled long-winded sentence with the occasional pause and worry that you’re saying it all wrong. Despite the fact that you’re not speaking poetically or eloquently, it’s important that you’re heard and you need to be heard. That’s the feeling I tried to capture in ‘Hear Me Out.’ I feel this way again now, struggling to communicate my frustrations of our current government administration and its constant failure to lead effectively and thoughtfully, finding myself once again lost and scared with how to express my thoughts but still really needing to be heard. Now is our time to speak and to listen, and we will make sure that they hear us out.”

Golda May

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