Heartachers by Luca Wilding

London raised Luca Wilding, has one of the most magical voices I’ve ever heard. This is like listening to Jeff (Buckley) for the first time at Sin-é in the East Village. Heartachers begins with a simple guitar and vocal duet, showcasing Luca’s light and airy vocal. Albeit a simple little riff, the tune has som much ambiance and feeling. The tune progresses and takes a dynamic turn at the 2:40 mark turning into a wild and ambient growly track that pushes all the limits. The dynamics in this track are inspiring. The song Heartachers was written for a friend progressing with their mental illness, however, as Luca shares, the track is easily applied to so many of us.

“Heartachers is about learning to let go of what was. It was meant as a kind of call to arms; an invocation of the strength it takes to overcome the mountains of the mind. It tells the simple story of trying to love someone through all their pain and despite their sadness.”

Luca Wilding

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