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Holding Pattern by Suzy Callahan

Suzy has a very melodic voice that casts such a dreamy view on things. The lyrics are so passive and drawn out, the tune sets such a melancholic pace. This is a sad tune, no matter how hopefully played.

Formally from the band, Devils Wielding Scimitars, why you would give up that name I have no idea, Suzy has seen some spotlight being featured on NPR and KCRW. These former bands also drew out many fans, and I think of one clever interview that really made me sit back and take a longer listen to her catalog of music.

I love artists with some history and a bit of dirt under their nails. Not that Suzy is gritty in any specific way, but there is a playfulness found throughout her career that I can’t help but enjoy.

You can see more from Suzy on her bandcamp site.

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