Honest by Caroline Culver

I absolutely love Nashville-based Atlanta-raised Caroline Culver’s vocal, her soft melancholic intro really connects with the broken hearted… Then POW! There is raw emotion, that is ripe with presence and state of being.

The big verb-y sound coming from the rhythm section, balanced with the driving power guitar lines that really push her vocally aggressive demeanour. This is really fantastic. The instrumentation is really perfectly balanced and paints such an emotional picture. Vocally I really can’t say enough, I can literally feel the dense undertone and growl that comes through so poignantly.

The Nashville-based Atlanta-raised artist builds off her singer-songwriter roots with moody anthemic soundscapes and guttural choruses on her debut single that will delight fans of Phoebe Bridgers, Ruston Kelly and Banks alike.

“It’s about not being honest with yourself – when you’re in a relationship with the wrong person, you blind yourself and lie to yourself and the other person. It’s also about finding my honest self expression as an artist.”

Caroline Culver

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