How Could We Ever Know by SIRMA

Created in just one day, “How Could We Ever Know” is a brilliant track that is a sensual gold mine. The track’s production is quite minimal, with some well-placed instrumentation. Lyrically, this is thoughtful; a clean composition, and really well translated for being recorded on an old laptop and mastered on a car stereo. SIRMA’s vocals are warm and unpretentious, presenting themselves as a soft interlude for discovery.

Written on the edge of our global pandemic, the track delves into the emotion tied up in attempts to control our environment, relationships and ourselves. There is a lush symmetry of self-discovery that pulls at the heartstrings.

“I know I’m lost, Even when you find me, I never wanted you to help yourself, I only wanted you to tie me down, I never asked you to remind yourself, Where we were meant to go, How could we ever know”

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