LAW TO PHX - I Got Scared In The Summertime

I Got Scared In The Summer Time by Law to Phx

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Law to Phx is the alias of Justin Law, the Minneapolis singer/songwriter creating some down-home Americana and roots rock tunes. This new album is bright with Tom Petty-esque vocal and bluesy guitar swells.

Melodically the tunes are pitched perfect, there is natural gravel that comes across in the more energetic interludes, and Law’s vocal really blends sonically with the country/roots instrumentation.

Justin Law

The opening track, Angels City has a unique effected intro that dives out of the mix and subsidies to the familiar rootsy rock form as the standard for the album. This track has an enormous build throughout, keeping the listener driving and hanging on the last chord… fading into a more country-styled tune in Blackbird Brother.

Akin to Drive By-Truckers and The Jayhawks this track has a driving straight up percussive backbeat and some impressive guitar work. I find the mix in all of these tracks are quite exceptional, the balance throughout the instrumentation is spot on, and this is a great track to show this as there are a few intricacies mixed in.

As the swell and pulse of the first two tracks die down Justin takes us on an introspective trip in My Hurricane. Poignantly phrased and poetically written. The lyrics are easy to adopt and relatable to anyone who has made a connection with a force that has caused them to adapt or adopt a new way of living.

“What if you’re my hurricane, What if you’re my hurricane, What if you’re the driving rain, What if you have set your eye on me.”

My Hurricane, Law to Phx

There are moments in this 7 song album that have an unbiased, poetic narrative, that can be adapted to many life situations and experiences. I think part of my draw to Law to Phx is the comfortable storytelling throughout the lyric.

It’s about how we’re (I’m) often afraid of change and choose to stay put and inactive, but sometimes circumstances and people are brought into our lives – It wrecks things and makes it so we can’t stay put, but it’s for our own good.

Justin Law, on My Hurricane

Taconite is a creative big entry track that really drives; creating a brilliant sing-along vibe that is overwhelmingly positive and energetic. I love the nuance and connection to something greater than oneself in this track. The tune is vocally reminiscent of Jason Isbell, Law’s vocal soars at points and provides a boldness that I find encouraging.

The first single from the album, Snow King, is a subtle track that has some heart longing and elegant swoons from the instrumentation. Lyrically this is another stirring track, that the listener can easily fall into. Themes of choice and callousness swell into hope and wonder, while instrumentally, the track moves through growing progressions, light accompaniment, and expressive transitions.

What are we trying to prove, to her, to him, to me, to you….

Snow King, Law to Phx

Personally, I enjoyed this while sitting beside a slow-burning fire with a glass of scotch… but don’t let me tell you how to listen to your music. Just saying.

I Got Scared In The Summer Time by Law to Phx
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