I Guess I’m No Different by Westhead

The writing by Max DiFrisco AKA Westhead is cathartic and expressive. The connection in his instrumentation, and pace of sound is a nice homage to Fleet Foxes, albeit, his broad strokes in the instrumentation adds some nice elements to the mix.

I Guess I’m No Different is a beautiful story that diarizes the exploration of trauma in a friendship. The vocal is eloquently balanced in melody and harmony and while the instrumentation plays gently with the narrative, there is no demand for attention.

As the song builds throughout the track the harmonies and layering in the melody and vocal is beautiful. This song is such a story, ending in an orchestral sounding flourish that embodies the work found on his latest release ( and his first EP ) Friend of Mine. The list of talented musicians that come together and play alongside Max is quite prolific: Tim Brozowski of computer science, Tori Hall of Dogs on Shady Lane, Ben Kremer of Idioglossia, and Joe Merkle of North Lodge are all featured prominently. The music is written by Max, however, the addition of these talented folks really bring the tunes together.

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