i only hear you in my song by la loye

The sensual and ever so subtle crooning of 24-year-old Dutch songstress Lieke Heusinkveld has charmed me. Her vocal prowess is utterly beautiful. There is an emotional connection attached to the poetic turn of phrase that pours out of the artist. Matched with an intricate fingerstyle guitar riff that plays so gently beside her vocal warmth. The delicate crescendos into the chorus, “i only hear you in my song” is gripping and accentuated with the soft ambiance in the synth swells.

The track has a singer-songwriter folk playfulness that touches the work of Elliott Smith and Thom Yorke; both fantastic complementary players. la loye has begun to gain momentum in her home of the Netherlands, I anticipate a constant increase in listenership as she becomes more well known.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to hear this song and be able to present la loya to you all as her career begins to reach an international audience.

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