Formed in 2019, is a banging Welsh 3 piece that is consistently gaining major attention, by the likes of Rolling Stone France and Tom Ravenscroft (BBC6). Recently re-released, has a new sound and kicks off their release on Echoism Records. offers this fresh and uncluttered strain of new pop inspired synth-rock. That’s a mouthful. All this to say the balance this band carries into each track is quite amazing. is a driving tune that has some wonderfully subtle vocals. I think the softness in the vocal sets a marvelous mood in the electronics and subtle bass emphasis carrying the song along.

inspired hushed vocals and sweet melodies over a pop synth.

Emotionally distant verses, robotlike, inspired by scrolling through 1000s of strangers’ thoughts. Lifting to high, rolling chorus notes, like the sound of air when the machines are turned off.

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