Lullaby for Lucas by Katherine Abbott

Her vocal is subtle and the delivery is uncompromised. The heart in her lyric is evident in every breath, a lush standard that many singer/songwriters should reach for.

This English songwriter grew up alongside a musical family, singing and writing songs as a teenager. Through busking and performing regularly, Katherine Abbott has created a wonderful ocean of song that will warm your heart and inspire your thought.

Katherine has a soulful sound, her vocal flirts with the lyric, and delivers a magic harmony over her subtle acoustic guitar. The tune is folky and free of any baggage that may be imposed by comparison or tradition.

“Lullaby for Lucas,” is about forgiveness and not being quick to judge others. This story-song took shape whilst walking with a man named Lucas, she explains, “Lucas was an opera singer in Vienna but had lost his voice and had taken to living a nomadic existence. We had a jam in a bar one night and he tried to sing but his voice just came out as this croak which brought him to tears.”

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