M180 by Mint

Mint has a balls-out sort of dynamics that you can’t help but admire. I love this mix, the panning and stereo sound is fantastic, and honestly not really shared by many artists these days. This is an anthemic sound, great groove and freakin’ tight sound all round.

The track itself is written about the M180, the road out of town, a dark freakish stretch littered with abandoned cars, and a mess of foliage or anything else thrown across the road. This song is an homage to the M180 that for all the locals provides hope and escape…

“For us growing up the 180 was the road to freedom, an opportunity to leave this (Grimsby) sinking shit hole behind”.

Andy, bass player

This is for all the shit we are missing due to the lockdown during the Corona Virus. It’s the festivals, the major life events, and as the band puts it…

“The ones that come once in a life like Reading festival after exam results, late night parties in the Grimsby East Marsh Estate and fires on the Cleethorpes beaches in Spring and driving in your first car out of town to parties with your cheap runner full of tanked up singing mates.”

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