Maze of Blues by MATTIAS LIES

A tune about the awakening of our true self, Mattias Lies has hit a nail in the quintessential coffin. Mattias hooked up with Jens Larsson to produce this track from the new album for release this June.

This Swedish troubadour is a brilliant songwriter, and quite brilliant at delivering a moving story to hold on to. His lyrics are fresh and uncluttered. The phrasing in this tune are bright, and easy to follow. This is a remarkable tune that builds into some beautiful climaxes.

”We’ve created a society where we’re running in a hamster wheel. Our ambitions are too high and prevent us from connecting to a deeper emotional state. We keep forgetting about this but sometimes, just like it occurred to me in the song, a reminder pops up unexpectedly. I believe all dreams convey a certain message from our subconscious mind. My dream revealed a hidden longing to be accepted for who I am. It took a lot of emotional courage because the insight required me to leave the past behind and to be open and vulnerable. I strive to keep it this way but too much work makes me dizzy I guess.”

Mattias Lies

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