Million Bucks by Dog Park

Swedish band Dog Park, founded in 2019, just released their second single Million Bucks, and it’s one you don’t want to miss. Warm, lilting female vocals are expertly executed by Annika Marmen (guitar) and Johanna Ekholm (bass).  Fluid and crisp electric guitar lines welcome a soft, reflective mood. A gentle, simple bassline with deep, warm tones and subdued drumkit (Emil Blomme) evoking faint and appealing hints of jazz, all support and enhance the beauty of the vocal work.  

If that description doesn’t make you want to check it out, maybe you’re a Nice Guy who needs some affirmation. Dog Park describes the song as a catchy tribute to all the nice guys out there. It’s written with a sense of humor but it’s also an honest love song that highlights things that at the end of the day make us human and lovable.

Soft, disarming and genuine in both its lyricism and its instrumentation, what draws me in most is the poetic imagery bubbling into the verses. I won’t quote it–I’ll let you check it out for yourself if I’ve managed to pique your interest.

The overall effect is definitely worth a Million Bucks. 

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