Moonlit Missive #30: ‘Tendrils of the Vine’ by In Gowan Ring

This mystical sounding narrative is the inspiration of a fable by French author Colette:

“In olden times the Nightingale never sang at night—but by day, awake at dawn and sleeping all night through. But one spring night, he slept on while the tenacious tendrils of the vine grew so thick and fast that he awoke tied up with entangled legs and helpless wings. Afraid for his life, he struggled in the trap, narrowly escaping. Since then he sings at night keeping himself awake in altered variations, panting desperate, intoxicated.”


The Gowan Ring is extremely poetic and as much a troubadour. His vocals are muted, accentuating the lament coming from the expertly played individual notes on the guitar. The track is a delicate tapestry to be enjoyed slowly. There is a lot of phrasing and nuances that provide comfort while offering questions on life, desperation and mortality.

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