Never Wanna Be In Love by Savannah Conley

Such a trip, the swelling guitars pacing in the backdrop feed energy and emotion that rips into the listener at the opening drop. The track has a big anthemic sound that I envision in a crowded stadium; it’s an atmospheric style that balances Savannah’s driving vocal. Think PJ Harvey fronting Coldplay, only better, much better.

“When you’ve really been in love and it ends badly, I think there are two outcomes. You either search and search because you want to feel that feeling again, or you protect yourself from ever experiencing the fallout again. I fell into the latter category around the time of writing this song. It seemed to me that the worst possible option would be to allow myself to get back there. But, then I met someone who made me want to risk it, and it was absolutely terrifying.” 

Savannah Conley

Savannah has received many accolades, winning the John Lennon Songwriter’s award, and acclaim from Rolling Stone for her EP Twenty-Twenty in 2018.

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