No, I’ve Never Felt The Wind by John Ward

I love the chorus and John’s whimsical yet poignant song forms. The vocal is delicate, feels fragile, there’s a sense of loss and fairness in his cadence. I didn’t get the angst that comes through in so many contemporaries. John has this honest, reflective delivery that captions his heart in every word.

A songwriter from Longview, TX, John lives, writes, and resides in Tampa Bay these days. His songwriting is equally great in this idyllic guitar sonnet. John shared this about No, I’ve Never Felt The Wind:

I pictured this song being sung from a glass house high on a treed mountainside. It’s raining, and the house is empty, other than a few sparse mid-century modern chairs and tables. An empty kitchen and a view of you standing just inside the window, watching the rain fall, as if you’re watching flames from a campfire dance in the dark evening.

John Ward

This is a picture of his poetic self, and this is poured out in his latest release.

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