Nocturnal Sea by Pedestrian Lifestyle

This track comes out of leftfield a bit, it’s really moody and caters to the band’s more atmospheric sensibilities. Pedestrian Lifestyle has a great way of staying ambient and diverse in the midst of just being a 3 piece rock band. They have the grit but really drive with some eclectic dynamics.

This track, Nocturnal Sea, has a similar feel to an atypical TOOL track, with the band’s vocalist/guitarist Josh Talakoski really evoking his inner “Maynard James Keenan” in this track. I really enjoyed the play in and out of the more driven guitar work and that dreaminess in the bulk of the track.

The band hails from Thunder Bay Ontario Canada, playing around town as much as they can. Focusing on their next album and hoping that the pandemic won’t stop them from keeping active in the music world, I am excited to keep a pulse on the latest coming out from this band in the future.

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