Retro synthwave meets and marries light, upbeat indie rock in American musician Ela Ira’s new debut single Nothing to it. It’s light, upbeat and smooth in its subdued percussion beats and softly expressive vocal melodies widening outward and upward into gently gorgeous vocal harmonies at all the right times.

Hopeful and sweet in sound, the song describes “the excitement and vulnerability of developing feelings for somebody, the fact that this emotion is out of your control, and that there is simply ‘nothing to it’ beyond accepting what you feel.” 

It’s no surprise that Ela Ira’s work includes freelancing as a classical and baroque violist. There is an ear and expertise for the balance and beauty of sound. What strikes me most, though, is the unexpected turn from background synthesizer embellishments to a warm and nostalgic, full-blown synth solo in the centre of the song. Between Ira’s gently compelling vocal sound, the pulsating electronic beat, and the simple and consoling lines of the synthesizer, Nothing to it is a simple and beautiful piece of listening. 

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