Ode to the Lonesome by Robert Connely Farr & the Rebeltone Boys

Mississippi born, Robert Connely Farr has moved up north and continued in his Southern ways.

born, has moved up north and continued in his Southern ways. Robert Connely grew up miles from Bentonia, Mississipi where he met and was mentored by man, Jimmy ‘Duck’ Holmes. Drawing on the mournful and gritty pace that is standard in Bentonia , showcases his connection to this tradition with guttural and emotive phrases that take the listener deeper into this aching track.

Continuing to perfect his chops, Farr moved to , Canada fronting the band Live and the Dirty Dirty. Farr’s style is dirty; it’s torn jeans and sweat dirty. Edging past Harley’s up steps into the smokey woodhouse bar, on a late Saturday night kind of dirty.

The entire album is rich with expression and dense feeling, and Ode to the Lonesome is just the right track to start off. Tone for days, the guitars are soulful, while Farr’s vocal hangs the man dead to rights. Connely Farr has a classic Southern sound, gritty and not taking any shit. The band is solid, just the right amount of instrumentation, not stealing any undue attention.

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