On My Mind by Gaspar Sanz

Australian indie wonder band, Gaspar Sanz, has one of the catchiest hooks I have heard in a while. ‘On My Mind’ the new single bleeds progressive indie rock, intelligent hooks, and a perfectly pitched vocal. The track has the not-so-subtle production style of The Killers, with the energy and dynamics with that of Franz Ferdinand. Not a bad combination.

Vocalist, James Bell shares the songs main theme is about choice, as the track explores the use of oppression as a form of power.Considering the uncertainty and upheaval of the world midway through 2020, the new song’s themes of utilising your own oppression as a form of power are unexpectedly poignant.

“This song is about choice,” says lyricist and frontman James Bell.

“The choice that you can rise up against the things in life that knock you down and use what holds you there as the power to motivate. A power to help others and yourself.

James Bell

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