Love the passion in this track. The vocal is so clear and not complicated. The track is wonderfully balanced with interesting elements and instrumentation throughout. The slide guitar is the perfect accompaniment for Tommy’s haunting vocal.

Scottish singer-songwritter, Tommy Ashby is set to release his th EP this summer. This track, One Word will appear on that EP, and is described by Tommy,

I am a serial overthinker and procrastinator, my every decision is overanalyzed, and any wrong one leaves me in a guilt-ridden mess. I think this is a pretty common feeling made more prevalent by social media and the pressure to have a ‘successful’ modern life. This song is an attempt to show the other side of the coin – there is a point at the start of all relationships where you kinda need to be vulnerable, say something honest and hope the person doesn’t laugh at you. The tune ends on an uplifting vibe, it tries to capture the point where you are so comfortable with someone that you can say anything and it’ll be ok – a happy place 🙂

This track was co-written with Tom Havelock (Matrix, Futurebound) and describes the defining phase of a relationship. This is a brilliant piece of poetry and is exceptionally well played.

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