bugsy is quickly becoming an endearing trope for their eclectic brand of indie-pop grunge rock. Vocalist Emily Schoonover has a seriously adept and inspiring vocal delivery that harkens back to simple garage rock with a folky soft keenness. There is much more going on in the songwriting and it is so evident as you listen back through the releases in 2020. There 5 song EP Teratona is nothing short of brilliant.

The latest release, “Overwhelming” continues in this elegant indie-folk flare across the intro, breaking into a more punchy and poetically powerful entanglement of energy and emotion. This track carefully expresses the insipidness of an abusive relationship Emily had experienced while writing the song. The artist is vulnerable, and you can feel this in the vocal presence throughout the song.

The indie rock bands coming out of Minneapolis is nothing short of incredible; Dad Bod, Gulley Boys, and VIAL, just to name a few, while bugsy is right there leading the pack. Akin to the female-fronted grunge/rock bands of the 90s (Hole, L7, and Morella’s Forest come to mind), bugsy has this quick pop sensibility that is balanced with exceptional melodic expressions. bugsy offers a dynamic and punchy sound that drives overtop of tasty tone and optimistic-sounding inflection.

I am crazy excited for the new EP coming to us in 2021. Put your seatbelt on, it’s about to get real dizzy in here.

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