Paint by Lawson Hull featuring Lily Kershaw

Lawson Hull has the kind of vocal that stops you in your tracks. Accompanied by the L.A. singer, Lily Kershaw, the combination is utterly captivating. There is a whimsical pop elation that circles around in melody. The vocals are soft and playful, with each artist having a go and coming together for these brilliant moments. The tonality between the two voices has an honest and down-home cadence that feels right and is warming, like a comfortable knit sweater.

Paint is a tune depicting the encouragement or growth of a relationship. This is Lawson’s new tune that Lily has brought full circle. This Australian singer/songwriter has depth to his lyric and involves such charming instrumentation and level of production. Paint is a lovesong, and one of 6 new tracks on his 2020 EP, Dreaming Is Easy.

The electric guitar has an eclectic warmth in the chorus but is held back from going all out against a playful synth and melodic-pop-infused lead patterns. The acoustic is truly the foundation of the song, and the production team did a fantastic job balancing this mix.

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