I adore the relative shuffle and balance across the instrumentation in this Radiohead homage/indie romp by Sunjacket. The ambient synth playfully meanders across bass tones to fill the void left by the tightly wound kit. Vocally Carl Hauck colors a narrative in his whimsical and haunting vocal cadence. The chorus holds moments that are simply profound and accompanied with the sonic textures create an experience not to be missed.


Want it on the doormat
Think about me, think about me
See, the walk is flooded
And the dog's inside
Summon all the foremen
Think about me, think about me
See, the guests are coming
And my hands are tied
All we are is in passenger mode
Tired of waiting
All we are is a long way to go
Wired and fading
You and I are passengers, I don't get it
You and I are passengers, I don't get it

The lyric is a bit esoteric but holds this deeper feeling. I love the visual this paints. The band, Carl Hauck, Garret Bodette, and Bryan Kveton hail from the hustle of Chicago, and craft tunes that will devour the ears of many for years to come.

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