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Play Something I Know by June Swoon

June Swoon throws her best at us with Play Something I Know...

June Swoon has a powerful growl in the happiest of ways. Her latest track released today, Play Something I Know, and is marvellously gritty. This distorted dream pop track is super catchy and energetic throughout. The track really feels like a bit of an imaginative revealing of her personal thoughts along with some cathartic reminiscing.

Play something I know
From my first car barreling down the road
Play something I know
Cause where I belong is inside of a song
Play something I know
From my first rent check to my parents’ wedding song
Play something I know
Cause where I belong is inside of a song

As per the course, the guitars are big and have some really nice layers. June really has captured the best of her genre; a slightly whimsical, yet at times, so very aggressive vocal along with fantastic thick guitar tone. Everything is so perfectly balanced.


Music, lyrics, field recordings: Juliana Kay Lydell
Produced by Nathan Daniel Hopwood
Drums, mixing, mastering: Bill Niebuhr

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