Wounded Bear

Promises by Wounded Bear

Wounded Bear writes a catching melancholic tune that really grabs at the heart. Perhaps a love song, the sound goes deep and is very intricate. This song features nice fingerstyle guitar rolling over subtle lead riffs, really subtle percussion and a light synth sound make this a champion in the cabin-pop genre.

calm smile highlighted eyes
it felt like the whole world ceased existence
the moment you came in my life

a silent view of a crashing bay
theres is nothing I could ever own
that for you I would not give away

soft midsummer rainfall
pull me out from all the arches
where tourists huddle in their raincoats

there is no where for you I would not go

silk dress on the chair back
give me all you can
And I’ll do all i can to give it back

night storm on the ceiling glass
steamed windows as we kiss
Got her in my teeth, the fire cracks

there is no where for you I would not go.

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