Prophecy by Luna Keller

Luna carries her vocal so intensely close to her heart. I believe the lyrics; too often I find it easy to just pass off a tune and carry on, but in this listen the song took a piece of me with it. The vocal is much more mature than I expected from this young artist. Lyrically this is so poetic and softly pieced together by this warm soul. The song speaks of things not yet past, but coming to be. The song is hopeful, a song of growing up, spreading out, and becoming.

This 19-year-old songwriter from Tenerife, Spain, has been bouncing around the last couple of years or so with a few notable engagements and more and more recognition piling up around her. Growing up in a musical family she almost has no choice but to have this life flow out for her and we are becoming blessed for it with each release.

This song is one of a handful that is coming out now from her yet to be released debut album ” Prophecies and Silver Linings.” Each one is stunning and I urge you to look her up on Spotify to hear more.

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