Quitting You by Arkells

Arkells new tune, Quitting You, a brilliant campfire classic!

Quitting You is the Arkells test, and it is an eclectic masterpiece written in the quarantine jungle that we are all living in. This video was shot by the band’s Frontman, in one take on his iPhone, and it really gives an honest look at the band. I think the video is actually fantastic! Seriously, I love the band’s vision for this, and the fact that they shot this in such a bright and airy really pyed to the iPhone’s ability.

I feel the honesty and comfort in this tune, from the subtle chords to the light rhythmic percussion. The vocal is warm and engaging; a nice complement showcasing the nuances of ’s gritty delivery.

This tune really digs back to their roots, bringing the anthemic vocal sing-a-long style into the track, but so rootsy. This is truly a sing- indie- masterpiece

This track is one of the first singles from an upcoming album that is set to be a retelling of sorts. It is showcasing a more intimate, stripped back version of some of their most popur tunes and presenting them as, well, Campfire Songs (the name of the new album). 

“If a song can be stripped to its core and be sung around a campfire, “then we know we’re on our way.”

the Arkells

I think it’s more than fair to say that one can tell a songs staying power by its ability to stripped-down, and pyed as simply as possible by the firelight.

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