Produced by wenyoukno, this track, RAW, was conceived, written and recorded by Lo Lauren in her homemade vocal booth during lock down. All artists need to adapt in the wake of the Corona Virus, and Lo Lauren has done that, taking her songwriting to another level.

“The concept grew into essentially being a song about; you’re in a relationship, things have got stale and you wanna get back that magic that you had at the start. I think a lot of people go through that and I definitely have been through it in past relationships I had, so it felt quite cathartic and honest to write about it”

Lo Lauren

This emotionally charged song is bolstered by a nice gentle electronic cast and really accentuates the beauty and simplicity in Lo Lauren’s vocal style. Don’t let this come across as just a little out of love tune, there are some downright aggressive, and bold lyrics sung by Lo that stand out to the listener.

“I first started writing Raw in my bedroom at the start of lockdown...I had already spent a couple of weeks confined to my 4 walls and was feeling myself getting unhealthily addicted to my phone and the internet.”

Lo Lauren

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