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Right Way Round by Saint Raymond

Nottingham’s Saint Raymond, aka Callum Burrows has a tight synth-pop track that has a dynamite melody and catchy chorus that keeps me moving. The track moves in and out in a lush landscape of emotion and pop infected soul. The lyrics are complementary to the style, there’s a good balance in the pacing and energy throughout the vocal range.

“Right Way Round is about feeling like you’re on the outside, like you’re floating through life and it’s making you feel alone. But the more you scratch the surface and look around you, realise that there’s a load of us who feel like we’re different, on the outside and unsure of the future and that there’s beauty in that,”

Saint Raymond

The track is an anthem exploring our ability to react to the world as we deal with our own anxiety and self-doubt. This is a single from and upcoming second album, “Cooking Vinyl” which has been a two-year project about to be wrapped up soon.

Check out the lyric video, created by directors Bjorn Franklin and Jonny Marchetta. Animation by Alice Bloomfield.

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