Riviera by Hounds Haul

UK Indie alternative rock band Hounds Haul gives us their next single, Riviera, to pump up our day alongside our first cup of morning coffee. Alternative pop-rock inspired by 80s post punk with heavy flavors of synth wave, Hounds Haul describes itself as “Depeche Mode meets Tame Impala.” 

 In their newly released single Riviera, rapid, rhythmic and electrifyingly crisp electric guitar lines join steady, energetic percussion beats and fluid synth backdrops, all erupting into a big vocal chorus layered in guitars. This song’s energy is downright infectious and you’ll be hooked from the start.

Founded in Buckinghamshire late 2019, frontman Adam Boswort began gathering musicians to help create the sound he envisioned; and variety is certainly what he found. Local bass player Jamie Smith was next on board, bringing with him a penchant for 80s post punk and synthwave. Rien De Keyser, a classically trained pianist with a wide palate of musical taste, joined along with lead guitar player and heavy metal fan Tom Maddams. Put into a room together and doused with synergy, what you get is the dynamic birth of sound in Hounds Haul.

Riviera is their third single and was recorded by a legendary local producer Ben ‘Faz’ Farestvedt at Damage Audio in Bedford. Two other self-recorded singles previously released include Red Sycamore and Capital.

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