I love the vocal harmonies and the build into the chorus in this song. Juni’s vocal is sympathetic and honest, there is a reflective quality that is unmistakable. Along with her passionate vocal, the percussive and rhythmic balance in the track, Run Dry, is beautiful. I am enraptured with the production and the powerful vocal that is so overwhelmingly attractive. Run Dry, is the second single in her upcoming album, All Ears, that will come to us this fall.

Juni Habel is able to captivate your ears, and heart in a simple story and song. Her unpretentiousness is instantly recognizable. There is an innocence that can be compared to the whimsical nature of Joanna Newsome in her earliest moments, however the poetic depth and lyrical stirring is also reminiscent of Joni Mitchell.

Run Dry is a song about wanting to just settle down, stop engaging and accept things as they are – and oppositely, the relentless push to search for something better.

Juni Habel

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