Sangre de Cristo (feat. Davide Rossi) by Vian Izak

Tapping into the lull and passion of story from the likes of Gregory Alan Izakov, South African American artist Vian Izak has created a subtle masterpiece in Sangre de Cristo. From the first notes on the piano, and the haunting, introspective vocal, Vian captures your imagination and demands your attention. The production, in part by Davide Rossi (string arrangements for Coldplay and Goldfrapp), has imagination and brings the focus to Vian’s stirring voice, and his delicate melody.

The song was recorded on an old 1970’s upright piano, that was covered in felt strips; giving it that softened and intimate timbre. Davide Rossi arranged and performed violin and cello on the track, breathing life and amplifying the already emotional surge in the tune. Sangre De Cristo is the reflection of a dreamlike scene that was inspired by Izak’s time spent in the mountain range of the same name.

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