Sea and Fire by Harrison Storm

Sea and Storm reaches down into a space so deep, into a mood that is so real, that the listener is drawn into the passion and brilliant delivery from Harrison’s vocal prowess. His pop balladry is truly a gift to the listener. He drops meaningful poetic lyrics that capture the listener’s attention. The subtle instrumentation and slight electronics adorn the song and really complete the package.

This Australian singer-songwriter has been moving rapidly into the popular music scene, earning repeat plays and gaining loyal followers. Akin to troubadours, SYML and Ben Howard, Harrison Storm shares his journey, his loves, and his losses in this introspective release.

When I listen to the song I’m vividly transported back to the time and space I was in where it was created – a cluttered room with a desk, surrounded by boxes containing things not used, in a time in my life where it felt like two very opposing forces were battling inside me. This is a song about wanting to wake up from a circumstance that feels like a dream. One of those moments you find yourself in that just doesn’t seem real.”

Harrison Storm

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