Shoes That Make You Taller by Kev Sherry

Kev Sherry hits a hard beat and drives a great anthemic rock ballad into the hearts of all indie rockers out there. This track showcases some great guitar rock and bright songwriting. I think the passion for the vocal and his straight-up rock delivery, albeit poetic is just fantastic.

It’s the cadence in his vocal that sticks, the highs and drawn out lyric that really plays in the back of your mind; it’s infectious in creating a lush melody. Shoes That Make You Taller is being released on Here Be Apples Records and Kartel Music Group.

Paul Savage had his hand in producing the track, known for his work with Mogwai and Franz Ferdinand. Coming off the last ten years performing with the Scottish band Attic Lights, Kev has begun a new chapter with an impressive start.

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