Magnus Beckmann Smile

Smile by Magnus Bechmann

Love the intro, feels much like contemporaries M83’s 2008 album Saturdays = Youth. The longing in the saturated vocal peels back a layer or two and ventures down into more of a Beatles inspired chorus. The transitions are fantastic and bring the genres together in a way seldom experienced.

“Smile is a track about regret and asking forgiveness, and letting bygones be bygones. Suddenly I remembered this nursery-rhyme we used to sing in first grade at school, with the lyrics «A smile – it’s quite a funny thing to see what smiles can do. You smile at one, he smiles at you, and so one smile makes two». Haha, it’s kind of stupid, but I really like that. And it’s kind of true as well. Smiles are cool.

Magnus Beckmann

Love the lush pop shadings that bring lush dynamics to the whole track. This is the first track Magnus Bechmann has self-produced and I love the way he has bringing out the inspiring vocals and lounge-like shuffles through the traditional instrumentation.

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