Something Like by Margot &The Midnight Tenants

Recorded live in a studio in the Catskills, Margot & the Midnight Tenants have captured the essence of indie rock that brings all the folk-pop love into the scene. The tune is produced by David Baron, this track carries an almost metaphorical semblance to the 80’s burgeoning Black Crowes; there is an indie-rock flavour with some depth in the southern rock grooves.

The cadence in the Brooklyn indie-pop rockstar, Margot Bennett is captivating. Margot’s drive and almost passively attentive narration draw me into the vocalist’s heart on the track. This tune is driving a new bus, one that I haven’t heard as much from Margot & the Midnight Tenants, but one that really works and feels so natural.

I am more accustomed to their more indie-pop flavours, whereas I see and hear this track moving in that almost southern rock groove. Primarily brought through the guitar riff (Omer Berger) came up with. I also really want to draw attention to the slick instrumentation of the band, and the brillance in crossing some genres here. Also, DANG! that organ sound is sick.

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