An intense track established from the artist’s childhood journey in the forests of Montana, Spirals wanders through a melodic electronic dreamscape. There are moments in the song that feels brooding, a story that is being pulled from singer/songwriter Clarence Jessop.

Talkativ – photos are by Kyle Ford

The track is driving, and build’s as it progresses. The light lead guitar and subtle keys play off the lively percussive elements. The track moves like a water current, and as Jessop states, “Spirals has a lot of references to the river, constantly moving but never really changing.” There is a harkening to this idea of ever-moving and never-changing.

Talkativ is Clarence Jessop and Kyle Hanagarne, photo by Kyle Ford

Drummer, Kyle Hanagarne completes the band and adds a steady force, balancing out the rhythm in the song with an almost Larry Mullen Jr. – Sunday Bloody Sunday, sort of vibe. The song itself blends electronic and acoustic sounds, but never overwhelms with a sense of over-production or electronic cacophony.

Icelandic producer Arnar Guðjónsson (Axel Flóvent, Warmland, Kaleo, Leaves) added the final touch to the track, bringing in some electric guitars, bass, and backing vocals that warmed up the track and rounded out the sound. The mix and master were completed by Arnar at Aeronaught Studios in Reykjavik.

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