Start Again by Woodlock

Recently signing with Nettwerk Records, the brassy tone in this trio’s recordings are elemental, and so mightily linked with their emotion, nature, and all things in-between. Working with producer Hayden Calnin (who’s worked with Harrison Storm) as well as Jackson Barclay (Winterbourne and Timberwolf) Woodlock has found a beautiful match.

This track, Start Again, showcases the subtle percussion and rhythmic guitars that really enhance the vocal tone. There are magnificent little accents and marks in the recording that really take my breath, things I wouldn’t recognize but for the hold, this track put on me from the first play.

Ultimately the track is about starting fresh, a theme found in their EP Collateral, that shares heartache, trauma, and hope.

’Start Again’ is an interesting one for me. I wrote this in the lowest of lows; and in retrospect, I was trying to tell myself that I’m destined to be more than what I was at that time. It’s a struggle with the second verse. I wholeheartedly believed that I would come back together with my ex-wife and “start again” with her. As time has gone on, I’ve come to realize that the words in the song came true, just not in the way I believed it would happen. We have both had to start again. But not together.”

Zech singer/songwriter Woodlock

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