“‘Stay’ talks about the over reliance on the other half of a relationship, and the struggle someone would face it they were to be left alone. Although the subject focuses on heartbreak, we actually had a lot of fun writing the track. If you isolate the lines, it sounds like we are writing an ode to missing someone (“can’t breathe without you”). However when you hear the lyrics together, combined with the energy that the track build towards, it paints the picture of someone desperate and angry at the situation they find themselves in. It’s the first time we have written a story to match music that we had created. It has given us a track that people can listen to after a break up, as well as sing along to at a festival.”

Dancing On Tables

Dancing on Tables are a five-piece indie-pop band from Dunfermline, a small town right outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. Formed in their last year of school, school mates; Robbie, Callum, Hamish, Gregor and Michael bring an eclectic range of influences to create an infectious pop sound. 

The boys have spent their last teenage years earning plaudits for their ‘dreamy melodies wrapped up in luring harmonies’; with their recent ‘Don’t Stop’ EP receiving national UK radio air play. Their engaging performances and dynamic personalities have been seen at several UK festivals in the last few years.

Their music could be described as the perfect marriage of skilful Lennon and McCartney inspired songwriting, combined with the energy from the Libertines.

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