Sunsets and Regrets by Soft Shelter

Soft Shelter’s latest release, Sunsets and Regrets seems like a subtle view into the dreamy beach life that makes this artist’s home. There is a play on the absurdity of our obsession with material items juxtaposed within the beauty of a Californian sunset.

Sunsets and regrets, private jets and secrets, all the things you won’t forget… take the time to reset…”

Soft Shelter

The groove and pace in the track are very rich with a slight nod to a more indie-folk vibe, I hesitate to infer that Soft Shelter has channeled a bit of the Fleet Foxes with the almost renaissance voiced guitar lead paired with the bells. The tone in this melodic bridge also needs to be mentioned; it is absolutely fabulous. There is a rich fuzz in the underbelly of the guitar that brings such richness to the simplicity in the rest of the track.

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