The 17th by Al Riordan

Newcastle, Australia is home to Al Riordan, a brilliantly poetic and austere singer-songwriter. She has found her niche moving in and out of deep and poetic nuance that brings tears to the eyes while they stir the soul.

The 17th is the first single from her upcoming EP “No,” and introduces her survival of a sexual assault that occurred on the date that has now embodied the title of this track. The meaning, the passion, the heart in this track is profound. Her experience has marked her and is gracefully shared in her emotive delivery that rivals comparisons with Imogen Heap, and Bon Iver.

“I think the reason I produced it [“The 17th”] to sound so joyous, is because at the heart of everything, I survived and I succeeded in making my experience matter for me, despite everything I had gone through that year.”

Al Riordan

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