The Future by Josa Barck

Sometimes there’s only one right place for a song to go – Then your finest job as a songwriter is to just go along and try not to fuck it up.

Josa Barck

This is a whimsical psych-pop tune that cuts deep. Layers on layers, the track identifies with some early 80’s inspired sounds and production. Love the bangin’ bass notes in the synth and oh so long drum fills.

From a production standpoint, you can feel the connection with the era’s icons such as Bowie and Prince. I do feel that this has a unique flavour that is wrapped up in the more modern digital synth sections.

The 80’ies banger references are everywhere – and since it seemed to be the only thing that made sense for the song, the trails back to luminaries such as David Bowie, Talking Heads and Prince are not kept a secret.

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