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The Maze by Philip Whitehead

I like the simple pacing and layered vocal in this track. Philip is a beautiful songwriter; the lyrics are engaging while the instrumentation is pensive and balanced.

Here’s a little more from the artist about the song itself…

In the excessively polarised and politicised world of 2019, London singer-songwriter and producer Philip Whitehead’s new single, ‘The Maze’ is a call for unity and resilience against a tide of bickering and anger. Posing the question ‘What kind of world we’d be, if no-one heard him say “I have a dream”?’ the song reminds us of how far our culture has come, while never letting us forget our tendency to repeat the past – ‘See my father in my history, and in my future he’s still all I see.’ Upon a new landscape where cancel-culture and alt-right provocateurs seek to make everyone pick teams and fight out their differences, Whitehead preaches togetherness, not opposition, and implores us to ‘show we stick together, through the fire and through the snow.’

Recorded in the months following his mother’s sudden death, The Maze is the second single fromWhitehead’s forthcoming debut EP, Combray. The dark indie-folk style of the record, including its previous single ‘Cairo’, places his sound among fellow artist/producers such as RY X, Sufjan Stevens and Justin Vernon. The Maze is a weighty tome seated upon the depth of history, and unfolds through Whitehead’s signature abundance of layers and whisper-in-your-ear vocals from start to end.

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