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Tug Of War by The Mos Capri Experiment

The Mos Capri Experiment: An open space for individuality and experimentation. Somewhere beyond genre, where creativity comes before expectations and norms. 

Produced by British Ivor Novello Award two-time winner and Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Sacha Skarbek (Miley Cyrus / James Blunt), ‘Tug Of War’ is a haunting and melancholy trip through the emotional challenges of growing up and struggling with mental illness.

“Tug of War speaks of getting lost in self destructive patterns and the fear and discomfort around actually looking it in the face and confronting it. There are lots of different ways we distract ourselves in order to avoid dealing with it and personally, I’ve spent a lot of time running away from myself.”

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Growing up in Scotland’s capital, 20 year old original artist The Mos Capri Experiment is best described as a reaction to being part of a generation that associate happiness and success with likes and following on social media. 

“There’s a huge fear of rejection together with a strong need to be noticed. We are a generation that is constantly trying to both ‘fit in’ and be liked, whilst also trying to stand out from the crowd. It’s the kind of tension that can really kill your creativity and courage, especially when you are constantly told it’s important to be unique, but only if your uniqueness fits the mould.” 


Stepping away from overthinking and analysing every aspect of her music, Mos created her own virtual haven, The Mos Capri Experiment, completely free of all pressures. “I see it as a container in which I have complete freedom to bring to bring to life whatever is real to me right now”.

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