Roberts doesn’t hold any punches with hard-hitting pop-punk with a pinch of emotion and singalong lyrics (Dashboard Confessional?). This tune really hits you from the opening line and doesn’t rest until the tune fades.

The theme is one I’ve felt and I think most of us have heard a thousand times, well, hopefully not a thousand times, but at least once in our lives. This is about the girl that broke your heart, the one that really messed you up, the one you will never let back in. It’s a statement, a poster of freedom in aggression, and a big f&*K you to the one who messed you up.

The track has so many catchy lines and boasts the perfect bounce in the tone. I think Roberts vocal cadence is really tight, he hits the right phrasing and really dives into the track with a fair bit of grit and emotion.

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