Unborn Swords by Dream Demon

Touted as a protest song, Unborn Swards shares a protest against inequality, war, and the exploitation of the poor. This is a gut-wrenching track that feels like there is much more meat in the lyric that taken in on the first listen.

I love the traveling guitar iterations that weave the tune’s melodic stance in a basket somewhat akin to Radiohead or other Brit alternative acts. The vocalist has a penchant for adding to the mood in the track, leaving no doubt that the song is heavy and not another party tune.

The band itself is a mash-up of West Coast bands, including Scott Mercado of San Diego’s Manuok, Via Satellite and Black Heart Procession, Mike Sparks, Robert Cheek, and John O’Connell of Seattle’s By Sunlight and Ben Heywood of LA’s Giant Waste of Man. This is a talent-rich group that has some expressive melodic energy to burn.

After listening to this and the other tracks on their latest EP, you begin to get this picture or sense that the band has an affinity with other experimental rock bands like Talk Talk, and The For Carnation. However, and as I mentioned above there is a real taste of Radiohead’s eclectic vibes, and perhaps some of that Mad Season ambiance in the tunes.

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