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Urban Lullaby by Leon O’Leary

This Suffolk indie-folk singer-songwriter has a nice eclectic sense of space and musical style. Leon O’Leary’s new song Urban Lullaby is moving, moody and wonderfully engaging.

A child of sweeping forests and wilderness at every turn, that nature and appeal are evident in the songwriting. There is an appeal to the beauty of nature and the artistic sense found in many British and Irish singer-songwriter peers. One can hear the influence of Ben Howard and Damien Rice, yet there is more to his songwriting than that comparison, something unique and his own.

There is a hopeful melancholy in his vocal that carries weight to the poetic sense of the song. The building energy from the electric guitar and kit at the 1-minute mark starts a movement that is driving and more dynamic compared to the softness in the opening and subsequent verse.

The song Urban Lullaby delves into the turmoil and loss of young lives being ravaged by drug abuse. Leon focusses his song on the sense of escape and belonging that abusing offers youth.

“Never seen unripe minds rot so soon” 

“Never seen the town so ill, I see them trynna spark a thrill” 

Lyrics from Urban Lullaby (referring to the shadow cast over town life by local drug abuse)

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